English and Composition II

ENG 102 develops the academic approach to thinking, reading, speaking, writing and language use begun in ENG 101. In addition, this course aims to develop students’ ability to conduct basic library research and to evaluate and synthesize the information they find.

In the first part of the course, students write one drafted essay based on a mix of sources provided by the instructor and one they locate themselves through library research. Over the course as a whole, students develop an independent research project, working towards a final written research paper. Students develop their speaking skills during an assessed in-course presentation and the end-of-course interview.

To ensure that students have reached an appropriate level of English language and academic skills by the end of ENG 102, they must achieve a grade that contributes to a passing GPA.

Students are required to attend a minimum of 90% of total course hours. Attendance is counted from the first class. Students who exceed the attendance limit will automatically receive an ‘F’ grade for the course.