Purpose & Aims

The FAE program  believes that learning is the core of education. Therefore, our purpose is to promote, develop and support a challenging learning environment for students, staff and the broader academic community.


I. To fulfill this purpose in relation to students, the FAE Program aims to enable students to:

  • adapt to university life and the demands of academic study
  • believe in their own capacity and potential as academic and lifelong learners
  • assess and continue to improve their linguistic accuracy and expression
  • assess and continue to develop their receptive and productive academic abilities
  • broaden their horizons and perspectives through exposure to a range of ideas and concepts beyond their department focus
  • develop their critical, analytical, reflective and creative skills
  • become self-reliant learners, decision-makers, and problem solvers
  • develop their sense of responsibility for their own work and achievements in order to become independent learners
  • develop the ability to work effectively with others and develop tolerance, empathy and social understanding

II. To fulfill this purpose in relation to staff, the FAE program aims to enable instructors to:

  • work towards fulfilling their personal and professional goals
  • further develop their expertise related to curriculum design and implementation at an academic level
  • further develop their abilities as academic skills and language instructors in the classroom
  • further develop their abilities as tutors of individual students
  • further develop their abilities to motivate and guide students, regardless of  their level, ability or attitude to learning
  • further develop their expertise in relation to assessments of learning and the establishment and maintenance of suitable standards
  • further develop their abilities both as self-reliant professionals and team members
  • further develop their contact and relationships with colleagues in the other departments, units, universities and educational itutions
  • contribute to a dynamic, cooperative, analytical working environment
  • contribute to the continuous development of the university
  • continue their development as researchers in a stimulating and supportive environment

III. To fulfill this purpose in relation to the wider community, the FAE program aims to:

  • contribute to the development of Bilkent University, the education system in Turkey, and the teaching profession in general through promoting:
    • a climate of high expectations and quality in all areas
    • discussion and critical analysis of the concepts and theories of meaningful learning and the learning environment
    • awareness of students and colleagues as whole people and continuous learners
    • dissemination of knowledge and expertise to the wider community