EAP Teaching Certificate – CTEAP

The Certificate in Teaching English for Academic Purposes is a professional development program designed for instructors who wish to develop their knowledge and skills in dealing with the complexities of teaching English for Academic Purposes in a university context.

The course is open to all instructors in the School of English Language, but is particularly geared to the needs of those working in the FAE program. It provides the opportunity to learn more about the profession as EAP practitioners and to discuss in depth issues related to teaching and learning in an EAP context.


The EAP Certificate program specifically aims to:

  • foster a collaborative learning environment where instructors can receive collegiate feedback and support during the initial phases of ENG 101 / 102 course design process;
  • encourage action research and experimentation through projects focused on classroom practice in the FAE and relevant courses of the preparatory programs;
  • encourage instructors to reflect critically on their own practice.

The program consists of the following 3 modules:

  1. Course design
  2. Action Research
  3. Extended Paper

Course Design (Module 1)

The purpose of this module is to develop instructors’ understanding of the demands of this educational context and then, armed with knowledge, design a valid and engaging freshman English course. This is realized through logically staged cycles of production , justification, presentation, evaluation and, finally, refinement  (all collected as a written portfolio).   The aim being for instructors to systemically use both self reflection and peer analysis / evaluation to ensure that their final course is fully in line with all requirements, goals and needs.

Action Research (Module 2)

The purpose of this module is to improve participants’ overall competence of being an EAP professional by designing and carrying out an action research. In order to achieve the above, participants identify an area to explore related to EAP practice, design and conduct an action research, interpret findings and draw an action plan for improved practice.

Extended Paper (Module 3)

The purpose of this module is to guide the participants in their reflective practice during the implementation of the course that they have designed. The reflective practice will focus on the identification of  the area(s) that need major adaptations for future implementation and the projection as to their possible implications.

Apply to the certificate program

Current BUSEL Prep and FAE Program employees may complete the form below and send it to faep@bilkent.edu.tr

CTEAP Application Form