What is English for Academic Purposes?

The posts below contain links to helpful resources for students learning to use English for academic purposes for university and beyond, curated by the FAE Program.

Academic Vocabulary and the Academic Word List (AWL)

Learning these words will help improve your comprehension of academic texts and your ability to write in an academic way.

Academic Writing: Essays and Research Papers

Learn about the academic writing you will do on FAE courses; its genre, including structure and reporting, and its purposes, including analysis and argumentation.

Citation & Referencing

Learn abut the different styles and formats used to structure information in academic communication (e.g., APA, MLA, Chicago, IEEE)

Academic Integrity / Avoiding Plagiarism

Learn how to maintain an ethical approach to sources, data, and collaboration as a student researcher.

Academic Presentations

Learn about how academic presentations are different from other, less formal kinds of prepared talks, and learn how to prepare and deliver one effectively in English.