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This course will engage in three different debates. First, no matter the reason for protest, many argue whether violence is necessary for effective protest and lasting change. Secondly, people view hashtag activism as the new global method of protest with no consideration of its ramifications. Last, people contest whether protestors have the right to engage in activities that restrict other`s rights. 

Social Deviance

Deviance is often associated with criminals, psychopaths and rebels. Despite its bad connotation, it has a place in society and no society is immune to it. Social deviance allows for abstract norms to be challenged, healthy debates to develop, and social progress to occur.

Due to my childhood spent overseas and continued interaction with many cultures, I have always valued different viewpoints and have sought them out. In college, I studied socio-cultural anthropology to further develop my understanding. This degree led me to pursue an MA in linguistics and I consequently found my passion in teaching English to speakers of other languages. Obtaining these two degrees started an amazing journey of teaching many different groups of people such as Iraqi graduate students, Latin American factory workers, immigrant children and many preparatory students from all over the world. No matter the group I teach, I am constantly fascinated by the perspectives I encounter.