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What is it to be human?

This course is designed to improve the students’ academic thinking, reading, speaking and writing skills through a variety of readings on the topic of what it means to be human. They will be exposed to various materials on the topics of, but not limited to, different definitions of being human, human creation, evolution, the simulation theory regarding human existence, morality, human rights, genocide, apartheid, surrogacy, slavery, ectogestation, abortion and sexual identity in order to learn to question both their and the society’s assumptions about these issues. Throughout the semester, they will conduct their own research to find answers to a question that they define which focuses on an aspect of what defines our humanity.

Technical Report Writing & Presentation (ENG 401)

The objective of this course is to assist engineering students in effectively presenting various types of information in both the written and oral modes. Students will be expected to become competent in writing and organizing technical reports and in effectively presenting academic and technical papers. The tasks performed as part of the course will mirror the tasks students will be expected to do in their prospective professional lives and in their faculty classes.