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Living your Best Life

The content of this ENG 101 course is based on the theme of Living Your Best Life: Happiness, Failure, and Technology. By exploring topics such as happiness, failure, and technology, we will consider what it means to have a good life and what helps and hinders us in achieving it.  

The greatest good

The content of this ENG 102 course is based on the greatest good. This is the underlying principle in utilitarianism, and we will explore how it can be used in decision making. We will also look at its influence on various aspects of our lives.


The objective of this course is to assist engineering students in effectively presenting various types of information in both the written and oral modes. Students will be expected to become competent in writing and organizing technical reports and in effectively presenting academic and technical papers. The tasks performed as part of the course will mirror the tasks students will be expected to do in their prospective professional lives and in their faculty classes.

The topic of this course and the projects done is accessibility.


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Religion and Philosophy, Music minor, BA, Berry College
Curriculum and Instruction, MEd, George Mason University