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1. We Should Have Stayed in Plato's Cave

This course will involve reading, exploring, and discussing some of the basic ideas, concepts, and philosophies of humanity. Why and how are we like we are? Is what we know really our own knowledge or are we just pieces of a larger puzzle or mosaic of humanity?
Some of the readings may challenge your currently held beliefs but a university education should challenge you to recognize and respect a diversity of ideas and opinions. We might not find all the answers to our questions this term but we will most definitely go in search of them.
The class will be held in more of a seminar style than the traditional class style, we will all learn and explore the ideas together.

1. What if...? 2. But, is it Art?
  1. This course will explore how we as individuals develop our moral and ethical standards. It will explore the roles that family and society have on the formation of our ethical and moral standards and the influence such standards have in our daily decision making processes. It will examine five of the major ethical guidelines/theories that have existed in most societies from early times.

2. Can one appreciate art from another culture without knowledge and an understanding of that culture? “My own personal reactions (to art) are valid for myself alone. (Newman in Ducasse 7)” If this approach is true – how can we ever agree on a ‘Theory of Beauty or Aesthetics’? 

"The teacher of those who know" --Dante on Aristotle
And my approach to classes each term, as each class is full of people I do not know, yet, but all of whom know quite a bit, much of which will be shared in the upcoming term.

Bilkent Cinematics
Bilkent Think Colorfully
Bilkent Edebiyat Toplülüğü (Past)

Born in the US in 1962 and still enjoying the ride...Feel free to stop in and chat, my campus office is GB25.