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FAE Instructor

I believe learning is a diverse process, therefore, not a one-way practice where the teacher transmits information but a form of interaction achieved through collaboration between the teacher and student, and among students themselves. I strive to achieve this collaboration by making my lessons student centered. To translate belief into action, I aim at promoting student responsibility for learning and I think learning that occurs outside the classroom is a useful tool to motivate this sense of responsibility. Teaching is anything but static. Therefore, I see the role of the teacher as a changing one depending on the course material, class dynamics and student needs. I sometimes adopt a directive role, sometimes a facilitating role, and sometimes challenging students to go beyond their assumptions. My role shifts since each student is unique with a personal learning style, who can be motivated through the implementation of different teaching methods and techniques.

I received my undergraduate degree in English Language Teaching from METU where I graduated with honors as the top student. I subsequently received two postgraduate degrees in English Literature and British Cultural Studies from Bilkent University and Warwick University respectively. I started my doctoral studies in English Literature at Bilkent University. I worked as an English Language Instructor at the School of Foreign Languages, METU; and as a research assistant in the Department of English Language and Literature, Bilkent University. I taught Research Techniques, English and American Literature, Translation and Poetry courses. Since 2004, I have been working in FAE. I have designed Eng 101 and 102 courses challenging and broadening students’ intellectual horizons. I also teach Eng 401 particularly designed to improve engineering students’ technical writing and presentation skills. I have presented workshops in FAE symposiums and mentored new colleagues. I earned BUSEL distinguished teacher award in 2010.