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This course is designed to improve your academic thinking, reading, speaking and writing skills through a variety of readings on our course topic. We will try to understand the nature of genocides and from various intellectual standpoints (philosophical, psychological, social, ideological, etc) try to explain how it is possible for ordinary people to commit unspeakable atrocities. During the course we will answer the following questions and many more: “Is everyone capable of evil?”, “Is it possible for angels to become devils, and for devils to become angels?”, “How can ordinary people become perpetrators of evil?”, “How do they turn on their friends and neighbours with whom they have lived together?”, “How do such people continue to be loving family members, kind to children and animals, and at the same time, commit the most horrible atrocities and kill their victims?”

I believe learning is a diverse process, therefore, not a one-way practice where the teacher transmits information but a form of interaction achieved through collaboration between the teacher and student, and among students themselves. I strive to achieve this collaboration by making my lessons student centered. To translate belief into action, I aim at promoting student responsibility for learning and I think learning that occurs outside the classroom is a useful tool to motivate this sense of responsibility. Teaching is anything but static. Therefore, I see the role of the teacher as a changing one depending on the course material, class dynamics and student needs. I sometimes adopt a directive role, sometimes a facilitating role, and sometimes challenging students to go beyond their assumptions. My role shifts since each student is unique with a personal learning style, who can be motivated through the implementation of different teaching methods and techniques.

I received my undergraduate degree in English Language Teaching from METU where I graduated with honors as the top student. I subsequently received two postgraduate degrees in English Literature and British Cultural Studies from Bilkent University and Warwick University respectively. I started my doctoral studies in English Literature at Bilkent University. I worked as an English Language Instructor at the School of Foreign Languages, METU; and as a research assistant in the Department of English Language and Literature, Bilkent University. I taught Research Techniques, English and American Literature, Translation and Poetry courses. Since 2004, I have been working in FAE. I have designed Eng 101 and 102 courses challenging and broadening students’ intellectual horizons. I also teach Eng 401 particularly designed to improve engineering students’ technical writing and presentation skills. I have presented workshops in FAE symposiums and mentored new colleagues. I earned BUSEL distinguished teacher award in 2010.