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Evolution-Never Ending Change

This course aims to explore the concept of “evolution” or “change” in other words: what it is and how people perceive their evolution, whether change is good or bad for people.  The course will address certain controversial issues about the evolution, such as whether people can have the power to control their lives, whether people have free will and how people’s understanding of relationships evolved in time and how humans will evolve in the future while presenting philosophical, scientific, sociological and psychological views of the evolution.

Water Issues

Many experts are expecting states to fight over water rights in the near future due to climate change and scarcity awaiting humans. UN Committee on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights defines the human right to water as a right to sufficient, safe, acceptable, physically accessible and affordable water. This being said, a number of issues concerning these qualities of water have emerged stemming from social, political, economic, cultural and environmental causes in the developing and developed countries. This course will start by looking deeper at the classification of water either as a human right or a commodity and then examine currently debated water issues in relation to politics, economy and environment.