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Rabbits, Wolves, & Space Invaders

“Rabbits, Wolves and Space-invaders”, is a multiple skills-enhancing course examining the phenomena of Asylum-seeking, Migration and Ethnic-conflict, casting an analytic “mind”, and an evaluative “eye”, over resultant experiences of those involved. To better facilitate student motivation, diversity of source and learning medium is consciously sought

Personally, I have always benefited from a facilitation-rooted "Humanistic" approach, showering praise, empowerment, employing motivational social bridging, and pushing heavily, a student-centered focus, - rather than a more classic spoon feeding and dictatorial approach which tend to generate hostility / barriers to effective learning . However, that does not mean that "no pain, no gain" is excluded from the equation - that is firmly within the frame of encouraging students to take responsibility for there actions, and consequently their lives.

A keen enthusiast of music - listening & performance. A Guitar player with around 20 years experience in Turkey - Playing / performing , composing, and recording - mostly progressive and jazz music, solo and in groups. Currently just a hardcore jazz fan!!

Studied English, Education, and Politics at De-Montfort University - Leicester 1994-97 [combined hons degree] + studied in tandem a 120 credit Psychology course at Leicester University [same time period] 
For the past 10 years, I am stationed firmly with FAE [Main campus] - Although still creating periodid 101-102 courses [now mooodleized],  I am more focused on and involved in the university's English / Philosophy department shared [adjunct] Philosophy 243-244 courses for mainly Law & Pol-Science / Int relations Sophomore students - in which all material created is rooted in / inspired by key unmovable core classic philosophy readings determined by Phil Dept