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FAE Instructor
FE / VTS / FMPA Unit
TBD (course topics change every semester)

Past 101 courses include: Lovers in a Dangerous Time: A Study in the Possibilities of Love under Global Capitalism; The Bad in Each Other: Masculinity, Masks and Mascara; Occupied Spaces, or, Is that a Penguin on Your TV or are You Just Unhappy to See Me?; Tertium Non Datur: Monsters and the Monitor; “The Centre Cannot Hold”: Narratives, Nationalism and Nomadism; “Enchanted Things: Magical Matter and the Capitalist Fetishism of Objects”; “The Media in the Mass Age: Media, Mania and the Masses”; What the F Is Feminism?; What is a State?: Sovereign, Anarchic and Libertarian Perspectives Considered; “Where Justice Is Denied...”: The Wrongs of Rights

TBD (course topics change every semester)

Spring 2022 course: “Gestures Precise and Brutal”: Alienation, Accelerationism and the Techno-Apocalypse

Past 102 courses include: “Killing in the Name,” or Scapegoats, Martyrs, & Suicide Bombers: A Study in the Myths that Create and Destroy Us; “Fits the Crime”: Affinity, Shame & Other Relentless Forces; “Heaving through Corrupted Lungs”: The Art of Loss, Mourning and the Sense of Self; “...And We Thought the Nation-States Were a Bad Idea”: Class, Riots and the Masses; Other Bodies; Executioners and Fools: The Performativity of Institutional Education; The Imaginary Ordinary: Ideology, Culture, People; Can Humans Think?; Words to Die By: Manifestos, Malists and Their Panaceæ; People of the Internet: Affect and Belonging in a Mediated World; Where Do Our Body’s End?: Social Responsibility, Personal Freedom and the Expression of Body, Mind and Self; Where Is My Mind?: Thinking, Bodies, Being and Worlds; “For even the very wise cannot see all ends”: Justice or Just Us?

Andy has taught the ENG 101, ENG 102, ENG 400, ENG 401, GE 444, PHIL 243 (co-taught), PHIL 244 (co-taught), ELIT 114, ELIT 130, ELIT 392 and ELIT 423 courses at Bilkent University.