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The Human Condition

This course focuses on the study of what being a human actually means. The human condition refers to the experience of human beings including the key features, events and situations related to the existence of humans. This includes the scientific placement of human as a `higher rank` species, and its experience of life and death, and spiritual, emotional and intellectual growth. The course will center around the significance of nature and culture in this journey of being and becoming a human along with the discussion of social issues such as poverty and education within the framework of the concepts of morality, justice, altruism. The course takes an interdisciplinary standpoint and requires students to read and evaluate various renowned articles from a wide range of disciplines such as science, literature, and philosophy to celebrate a number of non-fiction and fiction genres including academic essays and poems.

Film Appreciation

This course is devoted to exploring films, not just passively watching them but actively analyzing to decipher their meaning. A close examination and reading of scenes within the narrative framework of film reveals the powerful, coded, cultural meanings that structure the arrangements of ideological relationships in social life. This course explores both the material and symbolic representations of identities in films to reexamine the role that it plays in constructing meaning and changing the complex nature of social relations through establishing values and concepts.

Reading films requires making decisions on the formal cinematic elements such as, cinematography, narrative, acting, editing, and sound. This course teaches these basic concepts to encourage students to see beyond the films and make sense of how the filmmakers tell their stories. Films are diverse and there could be many ways and perspectives that viewers use to make meaning. It is important to note that no single critical perspective is better than the others as it is not fair to box a film to a single and stock meaning. This course will guide you to think and write about films to articulate your own meaning and how to support it through critical analysis and research.

Using an interdisciplinary approach combining theories of cultural studies such as semiotics, Marxism, feminism, post colonialism and film studies, the course will center on the articulation, decoding and analysis of various reinforced concepts, values and symbols that imagery, scenes and narratives suggest. 


ENG 206 Business Communications

The objective of this course is to develop professional communication skills necessary for Business Administration majors as they enter the business world. Coursework includes writing proposals, memos, persuasive letters, and business reports as well as conducting business meetings and presentations through adopting documents to particular needs and audiences via authentic business communication cases.

Zeynep Özek received her B.A in English Language and Literature and her M.A in British Cultural Studies from Hacettepe University. She was also awarded a post graduate diploma in British Cultural Studies by the University of Warwick, U.K. Recently she has earned certificates on communication and learning in the digital age, multimodal literacies and organizational and business writing.
Her background in cultural studies has enabled her to design content based
instruction (CBI) language courses namely ENG 101 and ENG 102 to acquire and enhance the target language skills. To this end, she has taught courses to explore popular culture, visual and media culture, film studies and gastro-cinema. She also teaches the ENG 206 Business Communication course for the Faculty of Business Administration to develop professional communication skills.
In the past, she had worked as the acting director of the university writing center – BilWrite, as well as a writing center consultant. Her research interests concentrate on cultural studies, writing across the curriculum, writing center pedagogy , professional communication skills, and digital communication skills.