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This semester we will focus on a pleasant topic: Beauty! Is beauty inherent or is it a quality acquired later? In other words, is beauty nature or nurture? Is it a key that opens all doors? Are beautiful women more advantaged? Or is it a disadvantage to be beautiful? Are there any forces that determine whether or not someone is beautiful? Who/What are they? Who sets the standards of beauty? How do these standards affect us? Why do women diet? Why do they go shopping at every opportunity? Why do they go to beauty parlors at least once -if not more- a week? They try to look at their best in one way or another- why? Why do people especially women spend so much time, effort and money to look good? Is it their free choice or are they brainwashed to do so? If the questions listed above are of any interest to you, join the course lets try to find the answers together.



During this course we will cast a critical eye on the concept of neoliberalism from an economic, sociological and psychological standpoint. This semester under the broad question "Is neoliberalism the root of all evil?" we will try to find out what effects it has on

  • the individual
  • groups
  • society
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