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Topic 1: Social Media Topic 2: Storytelling

Course Topic 1:

Is Social Media Destroying Us?

You will be reading, writing, researching, and discussing the power of social media through the analysis of various written and visual genres. 

Social media has changed us. Ideas, values, ideologies, and way of living have transformed. Politics and business has become more challenging, competitive and uncertain. Greater exposition to diversity has enabled us to think, and experience life beyond the limited physical world we live in.

Although some of these changes have been to the better, there are, however, more arguments about the negative impacts, such as an increase in dissatisfaction, harassment, fake identities, misinformation, and distortion of reality. Some even blame social media for all the social, psychological, social, political, medical, or economic problems that occur in the world.

Despite all these destructive consequences of social media, our use of it is beyond our control. We need to have social media accounts to communicate and keep up with events, trends, and innovations. We are obliged to use them and in some ways trapped in these platforms of freedom. So, is it time we begin to consider permanently quitting social media? 



Course Topic 2:

Constructing Reality: Does Storytelling Help Make Sense of the World?

You will be reading, writing, researching, and discussing the power of storytelling through the analysis of various written and visual genres, such as films, commercials, short stories, poems, journal articles, games, and many more. Along this line, as one of the storytellers of this ENG 102 section, it is in your control to decide the depth and direction you want to take as you explore the concept of storytelling.



I have been working as an English instructor at the First-Year Academic English Program since 1996. I completed my MA in the department of American Culture and Literature Department in Hacettepe University and BA in the same department in Bilkent University. I teach ENG 101, 102, and 206 (Business Communication). My research interests include peer observation methods and the practice of group peer review in the writing classroom.