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The Mythic Journey

In this course, we will critically examine myths, fairy tale and fantasy all chosen for a common theme: The Hero’s Journey, a heroic journey to overcoming oppression and discovering happiness, maturity, and self-identity. Throughout our lives, we are constantly making our way along, and coming to the end of journeys. Some journeys might require physical movement from one location to the next, while others may be spiritual or even sexual. Some journeys require us to climb mountains and slay dragons, either metaphorically or in reality. In this course, we will explore heroic journeys throughout literature and mythology. By examining the archetypal "hero's journey", also known as the “Monomyth”, it is my intention to help students examine common patterns of human behavior across time and around the world, not only in literature but in their own lives as well. There is a hero in each of us, but as we will soon see, there is often a price to be paid for such heroism.

ENG 401- Technical Report Writing & Presentation

This course is designed for engineering students and aims to develop technical and professional communication skills. Students will be expected to become competent in the process of writing technical reports, developing projects and presenting these tasks. The tasks performed, as part of the course will mirror the tasks students will be expected to do in their faculty courses and prospective professional lives.

ENG 312 - Introduction to Creative Writing

Based on students' accumulated knowledge of elements and technical underpinnings of literary genres, this course aims to help students gain a deeper practical and theoretical understanding of their own values and aspirations as writers of English. Students are expected to improve their written expression in terms of style, language, vocabulary and creativity with a specific focus on metaphorical and figurative aspects of language. Taught in a workshop-based environment the course emphasizes how the process of pre-writing, writing and revision can lead to fiction, poetry and creative non-fiction. Assignments will encourage the creation and revision of drafts and will give students the opportunity to experiment, practice, edit/improve their work, and discuss one another's work in the course forums.


Hossein has completed the Certified Coach Program offered by Adler School of Professional Coaching, sponsored by the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto.

He is also the founder of Bilkent Cinematics. Bilkent Cinematics aims to bring Bilkent’s film lovers together and create a community through screening and post-screening discussion of the chosen movies. The society is run by a committee of students and FAE instructors, but the films and discussion topics are chosen by students. 

Hossein has been teaching for 23 years. He earned a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in English Language and Literature. He also holds Cambridge University Certificate for Overseas Teachers of English. He has designed many Faculty Academic English Program courses including English 101 (The Spiral of Silence, Embodying Identity, Seeing Beyond Illusions, All But Blind, etc.), English 102 (The Mythical Journey, The Psychology of Attitude Change and Influence, etc.). He has taught the following courses: ENG 101, ENG 102, ENG 401, ENG 312, ELS 103,104, 203, 204 and ELS 301. His major research interests are in the post-1980’s fiction and theoretical readings of literature in general. Hossein has been working, in particular, on the concept of historiography and theories of historical narration. His Ph.D. dissertation analyzes the novels of Peter Ackroyd, specifically: the convergence and interaction of past and present time; literary mimicry; and the tenuous relationship between historical reality and fiction.