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The New World of Work

 In this course, students will be discussing the future of work in modern society. The course will start with analyzing and evaluating millennials’ choice of career as a social influencer in other words YouTubers, bloggers. Next, Gig Economy which is a new world of self-employment through the human cloud will be analyzed to answer the question how the outcome of this new system will affect the future of the employers and employers. Finally, students will try to answer the question that if robots replace workers in the future and what will be the possible effects of automation technology on the future of work. 


The course is a reading based writing course designed to improve the academic skills of the students. It aims to help students improve their receptive and productive skills in English. Democracy will offer a variety of texts and genres for students to explore in terms of content and organization.  


The definition of democracy, fundamentals of democracy, types of democracy, democratic rights and spread of democracy are some of the themes to be covered in the course. Students will have a chance to evaluate the content of the texts make use of it and relate it to real life experiences when appropriate. In the course, through class discussion and individual research project, students will also be able to improve their research, academic writing, language and speaking skills.