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Controversies in Technology

It is clear that modern technology is a major force shaping the society which we live and the way we experience the world. Since technology is value-neutral, whether it is good or bad depends upon how it is used. In this course, you will read and discuss some texts from sociology, philosophy and politics about the impacts of today’s technologies in the society, and ethical considerations in the use and expansion of it. You will discuss to what extend we should use technology considering its pros and cons and answer various questions such as: o   What is, and what ought to be the role of technology in the society? o   Will future technology improve humanity? What can be the consequences of merging humanity, science and technology?


This course will help you to relate the texts you study to your own life experiences as well

as to other people you want to know closer, and thus achieve personalization through exploration. This course will also give you a chance to participate in thought-provoking discussions, watch and analyse films / documentaries related to the subjects covered in the course fostering the development of critical thinking skills.