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History? Whose story?

In this course, we will read and discuss various texts discussing historical revisionism, that is, rewriting or repackaging history. We will discuss to what extent we should revise history given the pros and cons of biased interpretations of it, and answer various questions such as: Should history be re-written?; If so, whose/which history should we revise?; What are some of the downsides to revising history?; Is the entertainment industry (cinema, television, fantasy literature, etc.) an accurate source of historical fact?; and many other questions related to the topics we will read about.

This course will help you to relate the texts, films/series covered in the course to your own experiences as well as those of others around you, and thus achieve a sense of critical self-reflection through collaborative exploration. This course will also give you a chance to participate in stimulating discussions, watch and analyze films/series related to the subjects covered in the course, thus fostering and strengthening critical thinking skills. Ultimately, this course will help you develop and improve the academic writing skills that you will need throughout your university studies.

English 312 - Introduction to Creative Writing

(by Byrne Brewerton) ENG 312 introduces undergraduate students to short fiction from a writer’s point of view. The course has three main objectives: 1. Learning to read stories as writers read stories; 2. Exploring and developing a personal, creative process; and 3. Writing a short, well-crafted piece of prose fiction. Students learn that the first job of creative writers is to notice, to look closely at the world and its inhabitants. Through class readings and discussions, they look at the elements of fiction — character, plot structure, point of view, setting, description, and dialogue — in short short-stories written by masters of the craft; and through exercises and feedback, they engage in a process in which they write a classically structured, short short-story of their own.

I have a BA in Latin American Studies with Honors in Government and Law from Lafayette College in Pennsylvania, a Graduate Certificate in International Relations from the Instituto Universitario Ortega y Gasset, a CELTA teaching certificate from Cambridge University, and an MA in TESOL and Applied Linguistics from the University of Leicester, UK.  I have been teaching English for 15 years, and have been focusing on English for Academic Purposes for the past 5 years. I have lived and worked throughout the USA, as well as Spain, Venezuela, and now Turkey. I love traveling, cooking, history, languages, reading, watching tv/movies, am a sci-fi/fantasy geek, and above all, I am a passionate ailurophile (cat lover extraordinaire).