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FAE Instructor
FBA / FL / FS Unit
Media Today: Is it Constructive or Destructive?


Media, through TV, documentaries, news, talk shows, films, journals, newspapers, advertisements and the Internet have a significant place in the lives of people in different ages, cultures and societies. As media educates and entertains society, it also defines and controls our world by providing models for appropriate behavior and attitude, consequently media has both beneficial and harmful consequences on the society. In this course we will explore, evaluate and criticize this most influential communication tool to have a better understanding of it.


The central basis of ENG 101 is to introduce students to an academic approach to thinking, reading, speaking and writing in an integrated, meaningful manner such that they are able to apply the skills learnt to their departmental studies.  In addition, the ENG 101 course aims to further develop the students’ linguistic accuracy and range in English. 

encourage learner autonomy - guide learner's to awarenesss about their own learning -emphasize transferrable skills

Graduate of Ruhr University Bochum/Germany -Double major degree in Political Science and English Literature -Diploma of English for Academic Purposes -Teaching at Bilkent for 17 years -İnterested in areas of developing academic reading in EAP and pluralistic democracy theories ( in political science)