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FAE Instructor
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We will discuss whether or not the government should limit or ban profanity, racial insults, religious speech, political speech, and music.  Come prepared to argue and debate!

What is Truth?

We will look at different theories of truth from Socrates and Plato through the Middle Ages and in modern philosophical thought.  We will examine whether we are in a "post-truth" age and whether "fake news" contains some types of truth.

You will write a research paper analyzing truth philosophically or selecting a person or historical event and analyzing the perceptions and theories of truth present in that person's mind or in that event.  

In the classroom, I want the students to apply the material hat we read and that I present.  In any language class, the process in the most important stage.  Thus, we will spend a lot of time in class creating content and analyzing it in small groups, with partners, and as a whole class.  I believe that students should always be asking the question "why" when looking at their writing and ideas. 

I also believe in being available to students.  If you have a question or are struggling, make an appointment.  Together, we can address any issues that you have.  I recognize that my teaching is not perfect and that, at times, students need additional help to understand what I am looking for or what my comments mean.  I am available liberally during business hours to address student questions.   

Outside of class, my main academic interests are religious freedom and religious history.

When I am not reading, I like to be outdoors hiking, especially at night under the stars. 

I have a JD from Brigham Young University.  This is a professional American law degree.  I spent 13 years as an appellate attorney in the State of Missouri before switching careers to teaching English.  My legal experience is primarily dealing with criminal law.  For examples of cases that I handled, please see , , and
I have an MA in English Language Teaching from the University of Delaware.