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Human Enhancement “Pursuit of Perfection “

Technology has given us super powers. Are we in search for superhuman beings? Human enhancement is happening all the time through improvements on existing technologies. In the golden era of innovation what is going to happen to humanity? Is our ability or desire to upgrade dangerous? What are the methods of human enhancement? In this course we will explore, think, discuss, evaluate and criticize this concept from ethical, physical and philosophical perspectives.


Perception and Reality

If we see what we want to see and believe what we want to believe, then each person’s perception is different and unique. Based on this assumption, each person perceives objective reality in accordance with his/her experiences. This situation, however, creates a controversial problem called “the problem of perception”. This course covers some of the major theories of perception with the aim of questioning the common belief that perception is reality.

This course, based on critical thinking skills, aims to improve your academic language skills through selected readings. Course goals will be achieved through the engagement in various academic performances.